Light in the Darkness


Jeremy was in second grade when a missionary from Bangladesh spoke at his church. The missionary had pictures of malnourished children, many without shoes. Though only eight years old, Jeremy’s heart was touched by the stories the missionary shared about the sad children in the pictures. That very Sunday, Jeremy put his weekly allowance in the church offering for the missionary.

From that day on, supporting missions has become a lifelong practice for Jeremy. While in his 30s, he had the opportunity to go on several mission trips which further convinced him that giving makes an impact.

“From those who are blessed, much is expected,” Jeremy said. “Generosity that honors God is bringing light to the darkness…and the world desperately needs His light.”

To be more strategic in his giving, Jeremy recently began looking at donor-advised funds. LegacyWay offered the expertise and flexibility he wanted, and he opened a new donor-advised fund by contributing highly appreciated stock. It’s a tax-smart solution that has made Jeremy’s giving efficient and meeting his charitable goals easy, helping His light shine ever the brighter.

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