Faith and Finances


When faith and giving align, the multiplying power of generosity can transform the world. Connie’s career in finance made LegacyWay’s Donor-Advised Fund the obvious choice for her charitable giving goals. She was delighted to find out that she could avoid paying capital gains taxes by donating appreciated securities. After opening her account, the funds were invested and continue to grow tax-free, even today.

Instead of going through the hassle of writing a check and putting it in the mail, the LegacyWay DAF makes it simple to contribute large amounts to charitable organizations.

“I can practically do all of my charitable giving through LegacyWay,” Connie said.

Whether she’s recommending a grant for disaster relief or honoring the legacies of Believers who have finished their earthly race, Connie appreciates the ability to give both easily and anonymously through her LegacyWay fund.

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